The Second
CamEM Symposium

2 November 2018


Session 1Chair: Sean Collins

9.00Introduction and welcome

9.30Prof. Paul Midgley

Twins and transformations, twists and turns: polymer nanostructure revealed by scanning electron diffraction

10.00Dr Javier Garcia Nafria

The use of the Volta phase plate in single-particle cryo-EM

10.30Dr Emilie Ringe

Plasmon and composition mapping in metallic nanoparticles


Session 2Chair: Giorgio Divitini

11.30Dr Cate Ducati

Studying the degradation of hybrid devices by transmission electron microscopy

12.00Dr Chun-wa Chung

A SITE-seeing tour of little and large drug molecules

12.30Dr Karin Muller

Electron microscopy at CAIC



Session 3Chair: Wanda Kukulski

14.00Dr Dima Chirgadze, Prof Ben Luisi & Tom Dendooven

Overview of the University CryoEM facility

14.30Dr Fabien Massabuau

Depth-dependent plan-view TEM study of mesoporous GaN distributed Bragg reflectors

15.00Dr John Briggs

Improvements in cryo-electron tomography for determining biological structures


Session 4Chair: Chris Russo

16.00Dr Iva Ganeva

Architecture of interfaces between lipid droplets

16.30Prof. Pete Nellist

Dose-efficient imaging of radiation sensitive samples using simultaneous coherent (phase) and incoherent imaging in STEM

17.30Close of Meeting


Dr Sean Collins
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge
Dr Christopher Russo
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

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Cover Image:
Image of the 600 keV electron microscope developed by D.J. Smith and colleagues in the Cosslett group at the Cavendish Laboratory.